GIT Intro


  • There are 4 areas
  • Stash, working area, index area and repository area
  • Working Area :-  the local changes 
  • Index area :- the one which has to be committed. Its the staging area
  • Repository area :- once everything is committed it goes to repository area. Repository Area is the .git folder
  • git diff – difference between index and working area
  • git diff –cached :- difference between repository and index area
  • git status -> if there is nothing to update. all stages are in sync with each other . All stages maintains the same copy.
  • There is one temporary storage area called stash area
  • Git objects :
    • blob
    • tree 
    • commit
  • These objects are immutable
  • Always one head that points to the branch. And that branch points to the commit(current commit)

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